Capria PRI
Introducing Capria: The Exquisite Akhal-Teke Cremello Mare with Blue Eyes

Capria, a remarkable Akhal-Teke mare, stands out from the crowd with her unique appearance and captivating blue eyes. Born from a prestigious lineage, she carries the legacy of the ancient Arab line through her father, making her a prized member of the breed. Her remarkable ancestry includes a connection to the esteemed Olympic champion Akhal-Teke stallion, Absent.

But it is not just her paternal heritage that sets Capria apart; her maternal side boasts an elite grandfather, recognized as the finest breeding stallion from Turkmenistan.

Capria's beauty is undeniable, and her role as a brood mare is equally noteworthy. When paired with our licensed stallion, Safar, she consistently produces exquisite offspring of the rare and highly sought-after Cremello or Palomino coat colors. These striking colorations, combined with Capria's refined features, create a visual spectacle that catches the eye of equestrian enthusiasts worldwide.

However, Capria's contributions extend beyond her physical attributes. Each of her foals inherits not only her stunning appearance but also her friendly disposition and commendable mentality. This combination of exceptional genetics and desirable temperament ensures that her progeny possesses not only aesthetic appeal but also the potential for success in various equestrian pursuits.

Capria, with her extraordinary lineage, striking appearance, and excellent breeding qualities, stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Akhal-Teke breed. Her presence in our breeding program enriches the genetic diversity and strengthens our commitment to producing top-quality horses.
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