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The Akhal-Teke breed stands as one of the oldest and most exclusive in the world, with a global population of fewer than 6,000 horses. Their uniqueness is defined by the stunning metallic and golden sheen of their coat, alongside their exceptional intelligence and empathy, making them remarkable companions that can be easily trained and befriended.

Presently, Europe sees approximately 20 Akhal-Teke foals born each year, with a significant portion of these births occurring in our Horse Centre. This scarcity and their exceptional qualities make these horses confidently deserving of the "Limited Edition" classification.

To get a licence from us backed by our breeding programme you need to purchase a pair of Akhal-Teke horses for breeding comprising at least one stallion and one mare.
It is crucial to note that for successful breeding, you must have a stud/farm equipped with the necessary infrastructure and suitable conditions for the care and breeding of horses.

Our Offer:
We provide two comprehensive packages, designed to accommodate various budgets and preferences: a Smaller License and a Larger one. The cost of the license is determined by the package you select and the quality of the horses you acquire. Along with the license, you will gain access to our carefully developed breeding program, aimed at producing high-quality and successful offspring.

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